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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 30, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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officers aren't just looking for drunk drivers. details are next. >> and from booster seats to cough syrup to your favorite shark fin soup, there are a lot of new laws that take effect in the new year. we'll have a rundown coming up in a live report. >> and wrong number. the $2 fee the nation's largest cell phone company wants to charge customers for paying their bill. we'll have reaction coming up. and a live look outside at the bay bridge. a little fog out there. what is today? >> oh, it's the last friday of 2011, jon. >> it's a beautiful thing. fris, december 30th, "today in the bay." you can't fool christina loren. >> nope. >> good morning, everybody. it is 5:00. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning, everyone. i'm jon kelley.
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christina loren, we can't fuel mother nature. >> thank you very much. mother nature has some pretty interesting fooling happening out there. we don't have returns on the radar. but you have to use the wind cheeld wipers. it's just drizzle generated by really thick fog. we do have changes on the way. we have showers on the way today. through next week the first week of 2012 is looking active. of course, we have your new year's eve midnight forecast up as well. right now back to the top stories. >> 5:01. it's the case of alleged fan violence and fears of yet another potentially devastating brain injury. it's been almost a year since bryan stow was attacked in l.a. at a dodger's game. now a 16-year-old bay area girl says she was struck in the head at a shark's game. maggie of discovery bay was at
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hp pavilion wednesday night watching the sharks take them on. but she was rooting for vancouver. she's a die hard fan. the 16-year-old suffers for a brain tumor she's had since she was 12. at wednesday's game she says she suffered a concussion after a drunken sharks fan began harassing her and then hit her in the back of her head. >> it was like both hands just wept down on the back of my head. it still hurts. feels like a big bruise. it was a christmas present from her sister. san jose police are investigating the attack. but as of this morning no one has been arrested. here's the statement sent to us from the sharks. arena staff along with san jose police interviewed the person who made contact with the injured fan who stated the contact was accidental during the celebration of a sharks goal. >> along with new year's eve, a
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long list of state laws take effect. chances are some of them will impact all of us. christie smith sf live in oakland to run down a few laws. now there's a new crop of laws, hundreds of them coming up this new year's. we'll give you a brief rundown starting if you have a child o who rides in the car. they need to remain in a booster seat. the old law said they would stay there until they were 6 years old. i'm going to have to break that news to my 7-year-old. shoppers won't be able to buy alcohol at those self service check-out registers. they'll go to the regular checkout just like everyone else. people under 18 won't be allowed to use tanning beds. doctors can still allow it.
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and for soup lovers, they'll ban the importation of shark fins. for those already here, they can be sold until the year 2013. also schools have to remove student athletes for sports if they appear to have a concussion or injury. they can only return with medical written consent. minors won't be allowed to buy cough meds that contain any ingredient that is taken in large doses could make them hallucinate. a lot of young people using that to get high. there are a lot of laws. but these ones take effect this sunday. reporting live, i'm christie smith. jon and marla, back to you. thieves are looking for more than a holt meal at fast food joints. two restaurants were robbed at gun point in two days. two men dressed in black and holding guns burst into the
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mcdonald's on wednesday and leaped over the counter to command money. it's similar to a scenario that happened a night before just two miles away on lincoln road east. in that case three suspects matching the robber's descriptions were arrested in an alley blind the restaurant. firefighters still working to figure out the cause of a three-alarm fire that damaged two homes in the berkeley hills. the two homes are surrounded by heavy brush. people in nearby homes had to be evacuated. four firefighters were treated for heat exhaustion and minor sprains. both homes are uninhabitable. the lawyer who represented the muz imleader is suspended for practicing law for six months. the action comes after she admitted he smuggled documents
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out of bail. among the items, a love letter that ended up being obstruction to destroy evidence. he's also accused of smuggling a hit list of witnesses. she could face criminal charges. bay is in jail serving multiple life sentences. we should know it's always illegal to talk and text on your cell phone while driving. during the next 24 hours it's more likely to get caught breaking the law. officers will will be out in force today and tomorrow with special orders to crack down on drivers using their cell phones. do not hold that phone up to your ear. since the cell phone ban took effect in 2008, more than half a million take into accounts were issued by the chp. g get ready to pay more if you're a customer with the largest cell phone company. beginning in january you have to pay what verizon calls a convenience fee just to pay your
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bill. so what's this all mean? bob redell joins us now to explain. hit us with the information, bob. >> good morning, marla. this would be starting going into effect january 15th. this applies to customers who use their credit card or debit card to make one time payments online or by phone. typically these people pay up to the final minute before the bill will be due. by charging this fee, verizon is trying to push those customers to pay with electronic checks or automatted payments. but the idea of having to pay verizon in order to pay verizon is not going over well. >> it's a lot throughout the years. >> if there's extra money on your bill, you're going to get people on your bad side. >> it feels like al peblt to me.
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>> it's very shocking. you can avoid the $2 fee by paying your bill in person. last year verizon tried to impose a fee for those who used a credit card to pay for their internal service. the company nix that had after many customered complained. wel lo we've seen a lot of complaints on twitter already. pelosi's office downgrading she's thinking about calling it a career soon. her daughter was quoted as saying her mother is 71. she wants to have a life. she's done. it's obligation. that's all i'm saying. pelosi's office says she does not speak for her mother.
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>> it is 5:08. good morning to you. let's check the forecast with christina loren. you are busy. >> and i like it that way. although we're getting mist and drizzle it looks more promising for showers in the north bay. and maybe a few stray showers throughout the day today. so this evening is looking good. if you have people coming to town to celebrate the new year, they'll get great weather this weekend. throughout the day we'll continue to see the heavy cloud cover push in. then we start to get better when the showers come through. you can breathe it in. we're in the good range all across the bay area. so this is what we're talking about for today. as we head throughout the afternoon, heavy fog and drizzle
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makes way to a few breaks of sunshine. a cloudy start. staying dry with a mix of sun and clouds. no showers to keep you indoors. high pressure will come in to keep things nice and mild for us. that drizzle will be a factor the first part of the morning. give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination safely. if anything happens, we'll let you know. >> mike is sleeping right now. the police officers association is getting back at the city manager over cuts to their department in an unusual way. they're buying the home next door to where he lives. the city is suing the union for
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buying the home, saying they did it to help the city manager and the family. they previously paid for a billboard that included a body count. another said welcome to the second most dangerous activity in california. stop laying off cops. over 100 people have shown interest in adopting the six puppies. they were hungry, dehydrates and flea infested. they fully recovered and flea free. they're still looking for the person who abandoned these dogs. >> they are just precious. >> christina loren is thinking, how many do i want to get? >> marla tellez is thinking that. >> feel free. go on down.
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still ahead, a bay area city dealing with the sudden death of its mayor. details are next. and the final day of trading for 2011 is about to get under way in hawaii. what you need to know is coming up in a live report. and a live look at the misty roads. this is the golden gate bridge toll plaza as a few people make their way to san francisco on this friday. the last one of 2011. it's 5:12 [ mom ] hey guys.
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welcome back, everyone. if you're tired of the college bowl games, here's something going on.
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sit zens bank park being transformed. you can see it there in high speed going from baseball to an ice rink in preparation for the 2012 bridge stone classic. on january 2nd, philadelphia fliers and the new york rangers face off outdoors. this is the fifth year in a row the classic is being played. coverage starts at 10:00 a.m. join us early for the rose parade. that coverage starts at 8:00 p.m. >> right now let's check the forecast with christina loren. we have moisture through the bay area. could be problematic getting to work this morning. you might have to cover your hair, ladies.
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the pesky showers are drizzling out there you have to use our windshield wipers the whole way through. we have fog and slick conditions. so watch out for that. take it easy out there. you don't have a lot of people on the roadways to compete with. take a look at your temperatures. downright balmy at 58 degrees. we will see limited sunshine, but we can hit 65 degrees in some cities. so that's the good news. it's going to be a warm day. if showers that are passing through, yeah, this is a warm system. so we won't get much in terms of snowfall in the sierra, nevada. but it's just a warm system. so we have a better chance for that next week. we have a really good chance for rain across the bay area. and especially the snowfall that we really need. it's the second driest december
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ever for san jose. that could all change as we pick up shower ls. our measurable precipitation will come down in santa rosa and novato. travel cautiously this morning. it will look like it's raining. but this is the thick fog on the mist. that will keep the cloud cover in place. not all that much sunshine, but pretty nils. upper 50s at the coast. maybe the mid-60s inland. 5:17. investors ready to say good-bye to 2011 for a look at that today's trading. we turn to jackie deangeles live
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at cnbc headquarters. good morning, jackie. >> good morning, marla. the futures are essentially flat on this final trading day of the year. as for the year the s&p 500 is roughly flat in 2011. the worst was bank of america, down to 59%. mortgage rates are closing out just above record lows hit last week. freddie mac says the average rate rose to 3.95%. the 30 year has been at or below 4% for the past nine weeks.
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wasserman was 77 when he passed away yesterday. then he was elected to the city council. he was major since 2004. the cause of death has not been made public. he is survived by his wife and their son and daughter. >> the story of harvey milk has been in the spotlight most recently as of interest. they say no longer ghost like, directed by jonathan himself. he will run through mid-february. he was only 14 years old when his father was murdered with
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milk in 1978. >> it will be interesting to see. it's 5:19. a winter trip for bay area high school trips involved in a confrontation with police. we'll tell you what happened coming up. plus a very embarrassing letter about a hewlett-packard ceo released to the public.
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here's a live look at the bay bridge. we're betting traffic will be fairly quiet around the bay area. it is 5:22. it looks like 250 kids from
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the bay area on a ski trip will have to settle for getting high on life because they are now without their weed. a police chief says his officer stopped several buses bound for utah earlier this week. they confiscated, marijuana, pipes. police gave the kids a choice. turn over the weed and paraphernalia or you will spend a night in juvenile detention. they chose to turn it over to police. about 17 teens were in possession. 5:23. how is this? there's no today in samoa because today is actually tomorrow. huh? there will never be a friday, december 30th, 2011 in samoa. the small pacific island nation skipped the day and went straight to the weekend, changing the side of the international date line they're on. about 120 years oog traders convinced them to move east so
5:24 am
they could trade easier with california. somebody will figure it out. a letter accusing former hewlett-packard ceo of sexual misconduct has been made public. nothing short of a scathing and damaging letter, huh? >> yeah, it's the letter that cost him his job as head of hp. it was written by gloria allred. the letter accuses her of all kinds of things, including sexual harassment when their board saw the letter, herd was let go. nothing is new the accusations, but it's the sort of distasteful stuff they would like to avoid.
5:25 am
here we see him in a reality show. everyone concerned has tried to keep the contents secret. herd to fisher to show her his multimillion dollar bank statements. he told her about his intention to buy the company eds for $14 billion. now a letter is not a conviction. miss fisher herself has denied the a accusations of some of the accusations in this letter they wanted evidence of mismagt and incompetence of the company. he was given $40 million to leave hp. so hp just continues to step in.
5:26 am
>> 5:25. still to come, a cold case solved. police have arrested the man responsible for a 12-year-old murder. also, how you can pay your pay your respects to a well-liked local government watchdog. and we've got drizzle out there. make sure you give yourself plenty of time. slick conditions. with that said, i think we'll hit 65 degrees in san jose. we'll talk all about that when "today in the bay" comes right back. and here's a live look at some of the drizzle on the roadways. that's the golden gate bridge toll plaza. it's 5:26. stay with us. i'm just a piece of dirt stuck here in a rut. ever since that ol' broom dumped me here...
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by now you probably have the hands-free thing down. this new year there's a new crop of laws. i'll have a rundown coming up in a live report. and i'm bob redell with the
5:29 am
$2 so called convenience fee causing an up roar among verizon cell phone customers. that story is coming up. new this morning, we'll hear from i guess a shot of the golden gate bridge and some weather out there. kind of misty, foggy, and light traffic. we'll fill in all the blanks coming up. it's friday, december 30th, "today in the bay." good morning. welcome to "today in the bay." just about 5:30. 5:29. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. we check in with christina loren to find out about the moisture out there. kind of wet. maybe slick. >> yeah, i don't know if you saw behind christie smith, but it's looking like today got a downpour, not the case. it's just consistent drizzle coming down. kind of that pesky mist generated by very, very low clouds, thick low clouds out there. we do have some showers on the
5:30 am
way, real rain later on today. we'll tell you when, and we'll take you into 2012. the first week looks much more active than what we've been experiencing all month long. you may want the brace yourself. ringing in the new year also means we're ringing in brand new laws. christie smith is live in oakland now with a look at what the changes could mean for everybody out there. including all of us. good morning, christi. >> reporter: good morning, jon. happy friday. we're talking about hundreds of new laws that take effect in the new year. if you have a child in the car, the age for booster seats has gone up. if you go to a supermarket to buy alcohol, there's new rules you need to know about. you'll be directed to the regular check-out line that puts you face to face with a cashier. this is sponsored in part by
5:31 am
mother's against drunk driving. and as i mentioned, for children riding in cars, they have to now stay in the booster seat until they're 8 years old ore taller th than 4'9". diversity in public schools requires the schools include gay, lesbian, transgender people and also people with disabilities in the social studies program and the open carry law has changed for unloaded guns. most of these laws take effect on sunday. back to you. >> thank you very much. it is a case of alleged fan violence. now a 16-year-old bay area girl was struck in the head at a
5:32 am
sharks game. she was watching the sharks take on vancouver. she was rooting for them. her name is maggie herber. she's a native canadian and a die hard fan. the 16-year-old that attends independence high school also suffers for a brain tumor she's had since she was 12. at her game she suffered a concussion after a sharks fan began harassing her and hit her in the back of the head. >> it was second period when they scored the second goal. i felt two hands come down on my head. i flew forward. my sister asked me if i was okay. everything was blurry and foggy. i don't remember much. >> they wept to wednesday's game together. san jose police are investigating the attack. no one has been arrested so far this morning. here is a statement sent to frus the sharks. arena staff with san jose police
5:33 am
interviewed the person who made contact with the injured fan who state that had the contact was accidental during the acce celebration of a shark's goal. they caught the man responsible for a brutal 1999 cold case murder. 40-year-old ramon wong kidnapped the 21-year-old and shot her four times. he was an ex-boyfriend. the father says he's waited 12 years for this arrest. >> any sengs of relief? >> yes, i do. he is very cocky, somewhat arrogant individual. and i believe for years he has thought he's gotten away with this. >> she vanished back in november of 1999. her body was found two months later in a nevada desert.
5:34 am
a memorial service will be held tomorrow for a devoted citizen watchdog who died at 55. he dedicated his life to keeping an eye on oakland city officials. for more than 20 years he published and opinionated news letter called east bay news service featuring city government gossip and events. he was found dead in his home on tuesday. tomorrow's memorial will be held at 11:00 in the morning at the chapel of the angels in fremont. >> the annual holiday dui crackdown is already showing results. extra patrols will be out to keep an eye on new year's eve partiers. police have arrested more than 1,000 people in the bay area. almost 500 of them were arrested in alameda county. dui checkpoints will be set up throughout the area tonight and tomorrow. after the first of the year, you could be paying a little bit more if you're a customer with the nation's large es cell phone
5:35 am
company. beginning in january you can pay what verizon calls a convenience fee to pay your bill. what does this all mean? today in the bay's bob redell joins us live now to explain to us. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, marla. this is not every time you pay your verizon bill. it's only using certain methods. starting on january 15th. the largest cell phone company will charge the $2 convenience fee any time you make a one-time payment with your debit or credit card on online or by phone. by charging this fee, verizon is trying to push those customers to pay with electronic checks or automated credit cards as well. the payments would come in more likely sooner and on time. the idea of paying verizon to pay ve rye onis not going over well with customers to say the least. i'm looking at twitter.
5:36 am
there's the comments from verizon customers. $2 fee is stupid. we'll cancel service when contract is up. overpaying already. now you want more. idiots! here's another one from frank. did the guys in customer service get a lobotomy? so users will have to pay a $2 convenience fee if we pay your bill online. starting in two weeks. way to lose customers. hash tag, dumb. that's some of the outrage, you can say it mildly from people on twitter. you can avoid this fee by paying at a verizon store, by smal mail, electronic checking or through the automated credit card payments i mentioned earlier. last year verizon proposed charging a credit card fee for people who are going to be paying their tv or internet service online. this is a $3.50 fee.
5:37 am
the company decided to nix the plans after many customers complaine complained. >> the reactions don't surprise me. >> it says it all. 5:36 now. we check in with christina loren. >> good morning to you. we take a live look at oakland. the lucky supermarket. you can see slick conditions. in fact, we have some puddling out there. really thick fog is generating mist. when we take it live to radar. just clouds coming in. so it's pesky out there this morning. the pesky, misty showers. your temperatures are downright mild this morning. this is a warm system. we're still on the the warm side of this system. behind here we have spotty clouds. this is an indication of colder air. we won't see that come through
5:38 am
the bay area until saturday and sunday. throughout the day, we're looking good. heavy fog and drizzle will make way to a few breaks of sunshine. enough sun to warm us up to the mid-60s, especially down to the south bay where we get clearing the soonest. we're finally back in the good range when it comes to your air quality across the board. breathe it in today. especially if you're someone who has been huddling inside the house because of bad air quality. 63 in san jose. 63 in los gatos. i'll take you through the seven-day forecast. the first week of 2012 looks more active than all december long. now back to you guys. >> okay, christina, thank you
5:39 am
very much. >> it is 5:38. parents, check the christmas presents. a new recall could have you taking one of them back. plus, why the new court ruling on redevelopment money could mean the end of one bay area stadium project. and raider nation, your team is on the brink of nfl history. unfortunately it's the kind of title you don't want. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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good morning. here's a live look. pretty shot of the bay bridge. commuters making their way into san francisco on this friday, the last one of 2011. it's 5:41. may as well call them the fast and the fur i don't say. brian mooar is live near the nation's capitol. they're all emphasizing their conservative credentials. just trying to boost up the
5:42 am
nation's economy and then create some new jobs. >> yeah, just that, jon. that's what they're offering. that's the big promise they're making. iowans are still making up their minds. the latest nbc news poll shows how this is all playing out in realtime. mitt romney is hanging onto the slightest of leads. ron paul is directly behind him. it's a big margin of error in this particular poll for various reasons. but ron paul, rick santorum and rick perry all within striking distance of the top spot. it's a 4.7% margin of error. why? because this is a caucus process that democrats, that independents can decide last minute they want to join in on. they cut the cord on the phone
5:43 am
lines and only have vps. there's a lot of unpredictability involved in this. on the ground in iowa, the folks pride themselves in being independent thinkers. they don't want to line up until they feel like they have the right choice. they're milking this until the last minute. there's a lot of drama. and the candidates are battling it ut out. >> rick perry became a punch line with his brain lock there. looks like he had another oops moment. can you tell us about that? >> yeah, he did it again in a town hall being asked about a supreme court case. i can't be expected to know about every supreme court case out there. but this was an important one. it's a 2003 case. while he was still governor of texas. it legalized gay sex in texas. rick santorum is saying what the heck, you don't know about this
5:44 am
case? you sure ought to. if you're a conservative you ought to know about it. if you're running for president, you really ought to know about it. >> thank you very much. >> it's 5:43. most people are taking time off for the holidays, the national debt isn't. the u.s. treasury department says at the end of the day the nation's debt will come within 100 billion dollars of the limit. this means president obama will need to alert congress and get to work on increasing the limits again. right now the debt ceiling is $15.194 trillion. a popular toy is recalled. the build a bear workshop is recalling 300,000 colorful hearts teddy bears. the u.s. consumer product and safety commission says the eyes on the bearscan loosen u up and fall off, posing a serious choking hazard for kids.
5:45 am
return it to the build-a bear workshop and receive a coupon for any bear in the store. the illinois based company has posted a list of 41 sears and 38 k-mart stores slated for closure. only three are in california. two in san diego. one in los angeles. it's the first wave of closure for the company. they are expected to announce the closure of 41 more stores in the near future. we're talking about christina loren. good air quality today. we don't need delays on your way to work. not only do we have thick fog and slick conditions across the board. because we haven't had any
5:46 am
significant rainfall recently, it's really slick out there. a lot of oil not able to get washed off by rain showers. ha will not be the case next week. we have good rain setting up. and wait until i get to the seven-day forecast, wait until you get inland. then we have rain showers. you can see the slick conditions vividly that shot of the golden gate bridge. watch out for the drizzle for the next few hours. once that sun comes up, we'll see a little bit of breaks of sunshine through the clouds. storm track stays to the north. in fact in fact, the area of low pressure will take a hike to the north as we head through the next few days. for us we'll see the tail end come through. as it swings through the north bay, maybe picking up to a tenth
5:47 am
of an inch of rain. and high pressure, as it rebuilds through the first weekend of 2012, not only dry but beautiful an comfortable. so temperatures in the 60s. 65 in gilroy. 61 in livermore. a little mild at the coast in santa rosa. this is a very good looking forecast. i was holing off on umping up your numbers inland, but i think i'll go ahead and do it. 64 by tuesday. nice and clear. good air quality. the clouds will increase thursday, friday and through next weekend. i think we're going to get ichlt back to you guys. a bay area chapter of the boy scouts is one of the latest victims of metal thieves. the organization's famed symbol
5:48 am
was recently stolen from the boy scout building of the mount diablo silverado council in pleasant hill. someone pried it with an eagle superimposed over it at the buildin building. >> the men involved with standoff with san jose police is in jail this morning. threatening or assaulting an officer. yesterday morning a security guard at his apartment complex called police to say he was confrontational when he was asked to turn his music down. he was reportedly armed with a machete. after a five-hour standoff he walked out with a bot ol of alcohol and tried to lung at a police dog. the dog bit him. officers were not hurt.
5:49 am
the supreme court says it's okay for the government to take away local redevelopment money. they committed $40 million in redevelopment money to the new stadium. nobody is sure if that money will make it to the project. one council member is not worried. >> i believe it will move ahead regardless of what happened because the funds were committed prior to this present legislation. she says if the city can't provide the cash, the 49ers are on the hook for it. they are urging city leaders to put pressure on lawmakers to save redevelopment projects. the ruling may mean an end to the oakland a's ballpark. they wanted to build a new stadium to keep the team in town. the city mayor jean quan is
5:50 am
remaining hopeful. she says a new city plan may be phasable without the redevelopment fund. at&t park is ready to host its the bowl game. then tomorrow they hit the field. they go head to head at 12:30. >> the raiders hit the field. they're not anything that you want. nothing anything to be proud of either. four more pnlts and 11 more yards to surpass the all time existing records for most penalties and most penalty yards in a season.
5:51 am
oakland is needing a win for a shot at the post season. a new list of phrases to give the hee-how for 2012. plus why the coast guard is posting the top ten rescues of 2011 on the website.
5:52 am
5:53 am
welcome back. the 2011 banished words list is out. a list of words and phrases that
5:54 am
are misused, overused or useless. this year's list is occupy, man cave and ginormous as well as baby bump. none of these, however, could be amazing. that's number one on this year's list because it's overused. michigan's lake superior university has issued the list every year for the past 37 years. >> 5:54 now. the coast guard is looking for your help ranking the top ten rescue videos of 2011. the agency is posting ten videos on the site and facebook page by tomorrow. they'll range from raging surf to returning creatures to sea. they will give recruits a better idea of what to expect on the job. >> actually seeing what awaits us out there, it's like, i want to graduate already and be there.
5:55 am
lots of cool videos to see. so far recruits seem to like this one best. that's a pilot ditching his plane in the ocean. to vote, visit the facebook page or youtube channel. you can look at videos all over the web. i'm not a cat lover. i'm a dog lover. this is a turntable for cats. yes. we'll give a little ted nugenn in the background. this is from a company called it will cost you $40. now does it really work? she is one of -- -- this is
5:56 am
moxie. this is an editor cat. and not so much. she tried putting a little food on the turntable. it's made out of cardboard with the usual stuff out there. but a cute gift for a cat lover you know why it's not working. i'm sure it's easy to get headphones on a cat. i look forward to it. one hour from now. still to come on "today in the bay". how can you party hard and still get where you need to go after the clock strikes midnight? your travel options are coming up next. house minority leader nancy pelosi responds to whether or not she wants to retire. and we have flight delays out of sfo. bad news if you're picking
5:57 am
someone up from the airport to celebrate the new year with, we'll let you know when the fog is expected to clear and we have a good looking forecast for the first week of 2012. [ female announcer ] help i need a holiday party idea. mmm... pillsbury crescent wrapped brie just unroll, wrap the brie and bake. it's so easy. now this might even impress aunt martha. pillsbury crescent wrapped brie. holiday ideas made easy.
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now that you have the hands-free thing figured out, there's a bunch of new laws going into effect. also a teen says a sharks fan targeted her for wearing another team's colors. >> wrong number? the new fee the nation's largest cell phone carrier wants to charge you to pay them your bill.


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